So How is your "diet" going?!

Ok First off; I  hope this doesn't offend anyone but the past week I have had way too many people approach me and be like "oh how is your diet going?" and "wait; aren't you on a diet; what can you eat for lunch?" And you have NO IDEA how badly this annoys me!!

I usually don't know what to say back and just shrug, thinking "whatever, I'm not really on a diet, I just know that shoving that entire bag of potato chips is not really worth it too me---even though they do look FREAKEN delicious!"

And what I have to come realize is I need to TELL people I AM NOT ON DIET! I don't starve myself and I certainly eat 6-7times a day without fail.  I just CHOOSE to eat whole, clean foods that are going to fuel my body. After all, its been a journey of failing, and failing some more but I have finally understood the concept of  'eating for fuel'. I always KNEW you had to eat your fruits and veggies, I knew you shouldn't eat crackers and bread all the time, but that didn't prevent me from eating a half a box of Triscuits with a half a block of cheese for dinner on many nights. I just figured it was no big deal.

Anyhow, I guess what I am trying to say is I don't DIET! I am just doing my very BEST to be my very BEST! I eat what I want, when I want; but I now KNOW my body runs BEST when I give it ample amounts of veggies, with protein, and of course carbs; just in more portion control sort of way! I have never felt better than I have this past year; not only physically but mentally also. And to be honesty, I HAVE to be my BEST! I'm growing a human and chasing after a very active one year old.  This 'DIET' is what keeps me going most days, so to answer your questions, YEA! My diet is GREAT! You should try it out!!!

One of my snacks for the day Cukes and Hummus

This was lunch! 2 cups of greens with sliced onion, 2 HB eggs, a sprinkling of cheese and this yummy dressing my husband found! 

This was diner; Tilpia, with brown rice flavored with rice vinegar and asparagus. (I may have accidentally left them in the over a wee bit too long...)


A few of my favorite things

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