Pay the Doctor NOW or LATER..

Just getting to post this now, my after workout delicacy!

Day 37/366 of the #365er challenge...even though I drank Shakeology for the majority of 2015...I started about a year ago actually when I was introduced to it after the birth of my first son!

I've had a lot of interest in this superfood drink the past week; and a lot of people say it's too much money, its too expensive and they can't afford it.

And you know what, it is an expense! But if you are serious about your health goals, if you are determined to feel GREAT and look GREAT than it's worth every cent! 💸 and you have to remember its IN PLACE OF, not IN ADDITION too your grocery bill!

If you are adding it into your daily diet the amount of Superfoods in this drink could not be found at your local health food store for cheap. And personally I'd rather spend $4 a day on it NOW vs paying the doctor down the road! The choice is yours! 🌟


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