Mom Bosses: Inquire within!

Today officially marks ONE YEAR since I've been in this Beachbody Business. ONE year that I decided to take a leap and turn my fitness into a business! Not that I was doing ANY sort of fitness at the time I signed up besides putting too much pizza in my mouth; and breastfeeding my 6 week old every 3 hours around the clock. 

I however felt a little lost; it was roughly on average 10 below each day since my son had been born with about 3 feet of snow outside and I couldn't get out in any way shape or form. My husband was working long hours and I was just learning how to be a 'mom' and not beat myself up too bad for shoving pizza and cookies in my mouth all day long. 
And to top it off Maternity leave was coming to an end and there was no hell in way I could be that 'working' mom forever. I luckily only had a few months to go before the summer thank...thank goodness for being a teacher and having a summer break. 
I found an opportunity. An opportunity I took a chance on. I had NO IDEA what I was doing but I had BELIEF that this was going to be a better life for my family. I had a BELIEF that I could make a job out of something just by sharing my story. Sharing my failures, sharing my success and just sharing that I wasn't the only feeling the way I did. I used social media to connect, to share, to inspire and encourage. I have continued to stay the course because I BELIEVED! 
I have been able to take my love for passion and fitness & turn it into a full time income from home. I went from Full Time Teacher Mom to Stay At Home (‪#‎momboss‬) 

All because I BELIEVED that I COULD. 
You can achieve anything the mind believes! 

And I am now accepting new Mom Bosses into my training program! I"ll give you the TOOLS you need to SUCCEED! The same TOOLS that were given to me!

If you are interested in creating a fitness business, Let me teach you how! If I can, YOU can! 

Leave your email, email me or comment below and I'll give you the 411!


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