Don't you wish you had a personal shopper?!

Don't you wish that sometimes you had a personal to help you will all your meal planning, tell you what to eat so you don't eat junk, and tell you how to cook stuff?!

Personal Shopper at your service...(obviously the beer is my husbands!)

Ugh sometimes that is me; on most weeks! I have been meal planning for a little over a year now and it certainly has changed my life but I sure wish someone would do it FOR me at times; or at least tell me what I want to eat next week for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Well today is your lucky day!! Starting this weekend I'm offering a FREE 5 day clean eating for anyone who feels 'stuck' with their healthy eating! Maybe you just went on vacation and need to do a little detoxing or maybe you kinda fell off the wagon after you put your New Year Resolutions in order.

I put this together to help any and all of the above!
During these 5 days together you will receive
 *5 day meal plan
 *Grocery List
 *Free Mini Workouts (you can do at home!)

And of course you will have ME as your personal shopper/support planner! ;)

All you have to do is friend me on Facebook:
Shoot me a message you wanna join or click HERE:

And invite all your friends!

Because we are better together! with Support you can do anything!!

I can't wait to see you all this weekend!!!

How is everyones week going?!

a RAINY/COLD day here..meant we were stuck inside all day! ugh!


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