Belly Cream for that growing baby!

A few weeks ago I  was sent a Baby Belly Balm to try out on my expanding middle section. (and no its not because I've eaten too many cookies! ;) ) HA!

Just growing another life!

Anyhow, with my first pregnancy I rubbed coconut oil on my belly every day or attempted to do it everyday just to smooth out the skin and prevent itching as it stretched.  I feel like this really helped except it kinda made my shirts get greasy; I always wore a tank under my shirt to try and keep things in place; if you know what I"m saying!

I did end up with a few stretch marks on the bottom of my stomach; which I didn't even know exsisted until I could see that part of my body again! I think as everything shrank back they appeared slowly! Anyhow, they were nothing huge, but still there.

I recieved the Baby Belly Balm made by RaiseThemWell; a company based out of North Carolina, so its a product of the USA! I really like the ingredients because they are simple and not harmful for you or baby. It contains:

  •  Dead Sea magnesium oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Jojoba
  • Coconut oil
  • Lavender essential oil
All to help prevent stretch marks, moisturize the skin and relax the soft tissue. 

Magnesium oil is critical for healthy skin as it stretches ( something I was not aware of!)

The first thing I noticed about this belly cream was the smell, I love the smell of lavender, it was not too strong but just the right amount to give a nice calming effect. I also really enjoyed the consistency of the cream and the fact that after rubbing it in it left no residue on your skin! I mean as much as I LOVE coconut oil the combination of the ingredients appears to be just right that it doesn't get all over your clothes or tanks. 

I also seriously think it is fading some of my current marks...either that or its just because my belly is slowly growing again! Either way I highly suggest this cream for anyone who is pregnant and needing some lovin' on their belly! (I also rub it on my back at helps ease some of the soreness from my holding my one year old all day and the changes my body is currently making! 

If you are interested you can purchase from Amazon here:
RaiseThemWell also gives 10% of all their proceeds to charity! How cool is that?! 

*all opinions are my own* 


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