Plank, Plank and Plank some more...

Planks! Seriously one of the BEST exercise for your whole body and for your core. Having a strong core is SO important to many daily activities, it helps your posture, it lessens back pain, stabilizes your body if you are runner and supports your body when just  standing!

This summer I was SO good about planking at least once  a day, focusing on at least a minute, sometimes it was more, sometimes it was less. This move alone gave my mid-section a complete turn around after having my son and my abs looked the same, if not better than before I had Vito!

The past few months I have been completely slacking in this area though and it shows! Arg, althougth indulging in those few extra sweets every day the past couple weeks probably hasn't helped either!

Anyhow Here is a great little preview about how to do a Plank:

And the neat part is it shows you all the muscles that you actually work! Its not just a core workout!

In order to get my rump back in gear I am starting a 30 day Plank a Day Challenge, we will slowly increase our time and learn different ways to do a plank!

It is completely free, and you can click here: to join us! We are kicking off on Monday so come grab a spot today; it won't take more than a few minutes of your day. What better way to kick off the New Year eh?!

Happy New Year everyone!


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