My baby boy is ONE

OK I may have cried a few times today; My baby boy is ONE today and I honestly cannot believe its been an ENTIRE YEAR since he came into this world. Everyone tells you time flies with kids; but you really don't believe it until you have one of your own that's for sure!

I'm not really into the whole Big Birthday Bash thing, so we didn't throw a party for him or anything. We didn't even wrap his gift. Bad parents, maybe?! I don't think so! I bought him a kick ball the other day at Wal-Mart for his birthday and gave it too him then; he has loved in so I'll make sure to write that in his baby book! You LOVED your One year birthday present! :) heehee. He won't remember if he got it on the actual day or not; its the thought that counts!!

Anyhow I made him these AMAZING cupcakes last night (I seriously had to hide them for fear my husband was going to eat them all! I never made them before so I was nervous, but was willing to go for it. They were made with almond and coconut flour, butter, maple syrup, baking soda and milk. Simple enough and I hate to give him refined sugar so opting for pure maple syrup is a win win in my book.

The frosting was just a little milk, maple syrup, butter and coco powder; again so simple but SO DARN AMAZING. I will certainly put these on the list for all upcoming birthdays from now on. Vito LOVED his cupcake and the chocolate all over his face was well worth it! I wish I had a picture to share!! I only took a video though and for some reason I can't load it on here.

Today we took him to the Farm Show that was in the next town at the Fair Grounds; It was more or less something to do on this rainy/snowy day! We were hoping for more animals but only came across a horse, 3 goats and 3 fake cows showing off in the robotic milking machines...
He was not at all interested in this bovine....

Hey little goats!! OH wait, you want to eat my finger?!!

And of course they had Tractors and lots of them! Daddy loves tractors so he sat in almost every single one; I'm not sure who had more fun, my husband or Vito! lol

She's thinks my tractors sexy.....

I have to say this year has been AMAZING; and being able to be home and raise this handsome man has been WELL worth it. I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on a single second of his days. And I know that we will have a bond like no other. We might get sick of each other; but those days we end up rolling around on the ground, laughing and giggling over nothing...well you can't compare. You just can't. 

Hope you all had a fantastic Tuesday!! BIG NEWS COMING IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!!!! :) 

Anyone else have a baby turning O.N.E?! Birthday bash or no bash?!


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