Hammer and Chisel Day 3/4

Thursday; Day 4.

Which just happens to be a REST DAY! And after almost 2 weeks of dealing with my non-sleeping child I am taking full advantage of this 'REST' day and lounging on the couch.....Of course there was some serious cleaning that took place this morning but that counts as rest right?! HA

Anyhow, the program is going well so far! The moves are certainly challenging especially those from yesterday in ISO STRENGTH CHISEL. You would do 3 sets of 10 with a 10 second hold in-between; talk about burn! But I really do love it so far! I'm not sure I would advise this program to anyone just starting out on their fitness journey, as it is a bit more challenge. I would certainly recommend it to those who are currently doing fitness and want to get some great results, switch up their routine, or maybe prepping for a show of some sort!

Some of my nutrition along the way for yesterday;

Strawberry Creme Smoothie...seriously was AMAZING!

Smoked Salmon with poached egg and lemon, garlic, Dijon sauce to go with it.
Served with side of roasted asparagus (This is all from the H&C Meal plan guidebook!)
Seriously that sauce, lets just say I was licking the bowl!

Afternoon pick me up: Apple with tsp natural Peanut butter!

Tomorrow is ISO SPEED HAMMER.  I can only imagine how exciting that one is going to be! One thing I need to do is invest in some different size weights. That is my journey for the weekend. I have 5lbs and 20lbs and a 10lbs band. I really need some 10lbs and 15lbs weights! 

I really would like to save my money for the BowFlex adjustable ones; but not sure that is quite in my budget yet; I like the convenience of having them all stored in one spot! 

Anyone use those?! Pros, Cons?!
I'd love to hear!!

Keep it real my friends; Positive Vibes only...


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