Hammer and Chisel Day 11/12/13

I love Thursdays in the Hammer and Chisel Program; because they are REST days! I used to always take a rest day on Friday or Sunday during my running times and any other time. So it was kinda a nice change of pace I won't lie!

ALTHOUGH; I have to say; nutrition for me on rest days is SO hard!!! Does anyone else find that?! I feel as though I am STARVING ALL DAY LONG; so much more than when I get a good workout in. I dont' know if it is just a mental thing or if my body really feels that. Its something I need to work on, because it is totally cramping my style! IF you have any tips please share the wealth! I"m in dire need!

Day 12 was Hammer Power. I actually really enjoyed this workout. It was a combination of so many reps with light weights and then heavy weights. You would do more reps with the light weight, and then less reps with the heavier ones. I really feel my muscles working with this program and hope to see them start really popping O-U-T like what!

Day 13 was Chisel Balance, this was the FIRST day I did a repeat of a workout in this program! Which was really awesome!! Balance is certainly a wrokout that works on your BALANCE! Its awesome and the last exercise is a KILLER and you do it FOUR times! Ahhh feel the burn!

OK thats all folks; my son is calling me from his crib; I guess nap time is over for this Momma!

Have a great weekend; keep it real

What are you all doing?!

Anyone else highly enjoy lounging on the couch during nap time?!

All the Early mornings, and I don't want too and I don't have time....are Paying OFF!!! Hello Bicep!


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