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OK Mommies; how many of you wish you could be home with your little ones while they grow up? Or maybe you DO get to be with your little ones at home but wish you could help your husband contribute to the financial end of things.

Well I may have JUST the thing you are looking for!
Last year when I had my son the end of January I told myself there was no way in H**L I could go back teaching full time. I just could not do it; leaving my son all day felt way to guilty and I wanted to be there when he needed me the most.

SO I started researching. And researching. And researching. I came across this Facebook ad that said something along the lines of work from home while your children nap; get in shape, feel great, and oh yeah, this can all be done from your living room or kitchen. At first I was like ya OK whatever, its a scam and would never work. But the more I kept searching the MORE it kept popping up to the point where I was like OK going to Google!

I googled this 'thing' called Beachbody Coach and so many different people popped up. Moms, Dads, Wives, Mothers, Nurses, Teachers, Lawyers...all these people had ONE thing in common. They were tired of working the 9-5, wanted to be home and you know what; IT WORKED FOR THEM.
THEY were working from home, making a business by helping others and in turn they were rewarded for it. Like what?! Is this for real I kept asking myself. I went to YouTube and again found all these people who were DOING IT, this 'coaching' thing making it work and they were RETIRING from their JOBS! RETIRING their spouses! Like what is THAT?! Seriously?!

I finally decided to e-mail my now coach and ask her what was up with this 'work from home thing'. I went into a Coach Sneak Peak. I watched more videos and heard from other women who were in this business, helping and serving others and happier than they ever had been before. Like hello who doesn't want that?! Said no one ever!

After  A LOT of praying, and discussions with my husband I said you know what, I have NOTHING to lose! NOTHING! But I have EVERYTHING to gain. So here I am almost a YEAR into this 'coaching/work from home thing' and its WORKING. It is actually WORKING. I am making an income from home while helping others.

I left my full time teaching job after my school year ended ( I had to finish the school year or else I would have been screwed because of my maternity leave I had taken). And I have not looked back. Signing up as a Team Beachbody Coach has been one of the BEST things I have ever done. It allows me to BE HOME with my son, no more guilt!!! I am watching him grow, I am getting in the best shape of my life AND I am SERVING OTHERS. I am changing LIVES of other women. I am helping women leave their full time jobs so they can BE HOME, so they can TRAVEL, so they don't have to call in sick, or follow orders from someone else.

SO as I leave you with his Momma's, if you are still here reading this; go ahead and DO the research, YouTube it, Google it; and if you see the POTENTIAL that I did; then I"ll help you do the rest.


If you are interested in joining my team, please feel free to e-mail me or fill out this application:

I can't wait to hear from you!!
Life is NOW! <3


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