Clean Eating and how it can help you lose pounds

Did you make new Year resolutions to eat better and start working out? Maybe you made a goal of just to eat better because you know it would make you feel better. However now that it is February, how are you holding up to those goals?! Statistics show that only 7%, SEVEN PERCENT of individuals who make New Year goals actually follow through with them! 

So I am here to help!! If you are still looking to lose those last few pounds, or fit back into your pair of favorite jeans I have just the thing to help you buckle down on your eating goals. Something that will help you stay on track and accountable to your goals. Because lets face it; sometimes we REALLY need help with these things and if we don't have someone telling us/showing us HOW to do it, its really hard to stick with it! And I'm talking from experience here!! 

I was TERRIBLE at portion control and was over eating WAY to many of the wrong things (aka CARBS! and CHEESE!) But I didn't know any better! I would try for a week, not see much of a change and feel SO darn hungry I said well whatever; I'm going back to my old ways because its not working! 

Then I was introduced too these color coded portion control containers...and it blew me away; Eating clean and healthy was no longer such a struggle! Except of course when your husband comes home with a bag of chips and ice cream; or your at that birthday party for so and so they have double chocolate cupcakes! AH but all in moderation right?! And that is what I LEARNED! 
80/20! I REALLY took it too heart this time and understood WHAT it meant to EAT CLEAN and have things IN MODERATION. 
SO, I really want to help all of you who might be struggling with it! Because I cannot thank the person enough reached out too me and asked me if I was interested...because we all start somewhere! 
They may look small, but they seriously pack a punch! 👊--->>>> If you are looking for support on Portion Control and Clean Eating, come join my NEW Clean Eating Group! Limited spots, we start February 1st! <<<-------

Email me for details!
See you there!! 😎😁😎

Too think these 'little' guys changed my life is an understatement! 

NO MORE EXCUSES OK?!!! The I don't have time, I don't know how, I just love food, or I'll start tomorrow is SO OLD SHCHOOL! Lets make this your BEST year yet!



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