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Beginning January 4th, I will run another private online boot camp using the 21 Day Fix fitness and nutrition program. We will follow the nutrition guide, do the 30 minute workouts daily (all done from the comfort of your own home!) and we will read this book: Superlife. The 5 Forces that will make you healthy, fit and Eternally Awesome by Darin Olien. With a comprehensive, holistic, and unique approach to wellness, Olien teaches us how to harness the superpowers of food, water, oxygen, daily exercise and balance.

We all deserve to feel our very best, not only for YOU but for your family, spouses, and children. Eat. Drink. Detox. Breathe.Neutralize. Good health is THAT simple!


We will be in a private Facebook group. I will post daily information to help you stick with the plan, your workouts you will be doing, and asking questions about the book all to keep you on the plan!


We will be following the 21 Day Fix Nutrition and Fitness plan. Let me tell you a little about my journeyFor anyone that personally knows me, I've always been a bit of a health nut, focusing on nutrition, working out, wanting to be fit and stay in shape while being a big  runner.  Well after having my son I had no idea where to start. My nutrition had been all over the place and I felt like an outcast in my own body. I was eating mindlessly, by filling up on crackers, breads, cheese, chocolate, some cookies or goldfish. It was the dead of winter and running was not an option for me. I started to do some research about home workouts and came across something called the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology. 30 minute workouts I could do from home (duh?! so perfect!) and a nutrition plan that would show me how much and what to eat. Of course I was breastfeeding my son at the time so I was a bit concerned about 'dieting' and breastfeeding. 
However I did more research and Autumn herself said it was totally safe, Thousands of other breastfeeding Momma's had done it and been fine so I really had no excuse. Getting my husband to buy into was my biggest hurdle. ;)  He thought it was a scam and I would be wasting our money. After a little convincing, he said OK (and now he is my biggest supporter!)  I feel confident, fit into my clothes, have muscle I have never felt before and most of all have energy to be a Mom, wife and friend. 

The 21 Day Fix seriously has changed the way I eat! 
21DF (from the makers of P90x and Insanity)  comes with the easiest meal plan ever and it makes total sense. It comes with these color coded boxes and you do a simple math calculation to figure out how many boxes you eat in a day.  The program also has 7 different workouts, with a calendar that tells you which one to do each day. While following the program they encourage you to drink Shakeology. Shakeology is a meal replacement that is clinically proven to help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, curb those junk food cravings and lower your blood sugar. I have been drinking it for 10 months now and can't even begin to tell you how much my body loves it. It is a quick meal for when I am busy and on the go, it gives me the energy I need to get through my day and keep up with my son, and curbs my junk food cravings. The nutrition in it is unmatched and will keep you healthy year round. I have yet to have a cold since I began drinking it!

From the bottom of my heart I truly, honestly BELIEVE in this program. I have seen hundreds of women gain control of their health and becoming the BEST that they could be all my getting a jumpstart with the 21 Day Fix. I have learned on this journey that is SO MUCH more than that number on the scale, or that number in your pants. It is about feeling strong, able and FREE.  Taking control of your choices, filling your body with wholesome, God made foods and fueling your body with exercise gives you a discipline in your life like no other. 
The 21 Day Fix Bundle Package includes the 7 DVD workouts, the nutrition plan and containers, a shaker/water bottle, and a MONTH supply of Shakeology for $160. 
If you are interested in receiving more information please fill out the form below: 
I will be in touch shortly!

More than anything I am excited to help you begin your journey towards a healthier, more happy YOU. These 21 Days will give you a jumpstart to your health and make lasting impressions on your health and fitness for the rest of your life. 
I can't wait to hear from you!


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