That Mommy Thing...

This is for all you mommas out there.
Let me see your hand if you can relate.

As I am watching my husband play with blocks with my son before he goes to bed, I became totally overwhelmed with a sense of living for something else, for someone other than me. I love my son more than ANYTHING. I can't even put into words the love I have for him; its something that really cannot be described and is more of a feeling. A feeling of pride, joy, empathy, , the list could go on and on and I think some of those words don't even sum it up!

That is the thing about motherhood. I love my son, I love my husband, but for us mommies I really feel its different for us. No matter what we struggled with that day, the hardships we may have endured, the tiredness we may feel the LOVE we have our babies, is exactly that, LOVE, the undeniable need to LIVE and LOVE for our babies more than anyone or anything else. No matter if your a new mom, old mom, married mom, single mom, soccer mom, stay at home mom, working mom, tired mom. Its JUST the way it is. Mother love is as real as it gets.

And no one else understands that but us Moms. So if your reading this and thinking "I can't take one more dirty diaper, or the food on the floor, or the laundry piled high, or the crying baby", just remember, that baby, that child is YOURS. YOU are their momma, God choose YOU and no one else. No one else could do the job better than you. period. No one can give that baby the LOVE that YOU can Momma.

Mother love is as REAL and RAW as it gets folks.

We make the world a better place.

(And I"m not dissing the love from anyone else in the world, we certainly need all we can get; its just mother love is one of those things! ya know what I"m sayin?!)

You with me?!

Keep it real Momma's
Pray for that Grace, God is with you!


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