My kinda Jam!

OK so TRUTH Bomb.

When I started working from home as an online fitness coach I thought OK its gonna be a piece of cake right?! Well it is, but I didn't realize HOW much it would effect my day in terms of scheduling!

Especially when you are caring for an active 10 month old, changing dirty diapers, folding mountains of laundry, cooking meals and being a wife.

But NOTHING can replace that time I get to be with my kiddo. The fact that I am building a business, helping others, giving back and just becoming a better person is amazing (WHILE being HOME with my son) The fact that I can do it all in the time my son naps,spending time on my blog as soon as he goes to bed, and making sure I get up early enough to get my workout in (sometimes I DO sleep in and wake up when he does, but hey guess what, I AM MY OWN BOSS!) just blows me away.

I mean seriously, being able to build a business while sitting on my couch in comfy pants is my kinda jam! I mean WHO doesn't want that! I have learned SO MUCH about myself by reading/listening to personal development and my husband has even stated he has noticed a difference in my attitude; so obviously I'm doing something right! HA

Not only have I changed my life, but I've changed other peoples lives. I have HELPED CHANGED THEIR LIFE! What makes you feel better than paying it forward and giving right?! Being a stay at home mom can sometimes feel a little lonely. You realize you talk more in baby voice, than in your normal voice, who;s with me on that?! ( I try SO HARD not too do it, but it happens!) HA!

Encouraging and Empowering other women has given me a whole new meaning to my life. And it is a nice break to have those moments in your busy Momma day, to help someone who deserves to be the BEST they can be so they can continue to LOVE and be the person they need to be. So for all you Momma's out there; if you feel the call to do something more with your life; if you have a heart for giving, send me a message!


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