LEMONS! Lots and Lots of LEMON!

I won't lie to you; I stuck to working out from Thanksgiving until now; and I don't have any plans on stopping, but I totally indulged, the homemade chex-mix, the cookies, the rolls, truffles and fudge on my! Of course what would life be if you weren't able to enjoy some of life's sweet treats!

I feel blessed enough that I now know enough about portion control and working out the RIGHT way that it is easy enough for me to jump back on that horse and get after it. 

One way that I found has REALLY helped cut the bloat and cleanse your body is by drinking WATER, water, and more water. Seriously it is the BEST way to flush out toxins and cleanse your liver. When you add sliced Lemons, it is even better for you! Lemon detoxifies the liver, cleanses the skin, and just flushes you out in the gentlest  way possible. 

So if you are feeling little squishy around the middle (truth be told I"m feeling VERY squishy) these days, just keep working out, making healthy choices and drinking that lemon water! You will be back to your old self in no time. 

And I do really hope you all enjoyed some sweet treats over the Christmas holiday, it wouldn't be Christmas without it! :) 

Keep it real everyone! Positive Vibes~~~

OH! P.S. a GREAT way to keep lemons on hand is to slice a bunch and keep them in a baggie or container in your fridge, that way they are ready to grab and go! 
My middle may be squishy but at least my arms are still looking buff! HA!
Lemon water at its finest!


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