I needed to know who I still was!

This past week I was retelling a friend of mine how I had started my online fitness community. It brought back so many emotions! After having my son, I needed to rediscover who I was. I LOVED being a mom, but I wanted to make sure I still knew who Kaitlin was!

By taking action with my health, working out 30 minutes a day, and fueling my body with the right foods I started to become more confident, healthy and I actually felt fit again!

I want to help you get there too! I am now accepting applications for my FIRST 2016 online bootcamp. You will get:
1)Daily 30 minute workouts (can be done in your living room!)
2)Healthy eating plan with portion control
3)Daily meal replacement shake full of superfoods
5)And a community of women that only want the BEST for you!

It would be an absolute JOY for me to encourage you while YOU rediscover YOU!
If you are a new mom or maybe you aren't a new mom, maybe your children are older and you feel so far removed from who YOU are. I would so love to help you through this journey. 

Motherhood is not an Excuse to be unhealthy and tired all the time. We DESERVE to take care of our bodies and put ourselves first! After-all what would the family do without us?!
Send me an email at positivevibefitness@gmail.com or leave your email below and I"ll give you some details!
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