After & next....

So Christmas came and went! Just like that!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones!

And if you are anything like me, with a very large Family we are STILL having gatherings to attend; we have two more to attend! But its nice I suppose; if ONLY they weren't so tempting with so many treats! 

I have been consistent with my workouts every day which I know has helped a great day with my energy and helping my body make better choices with food. 
However I do enjoy the 80/20 rule and have indulged in my fair share of treats! 

So with that being said; for all you who might be thinking of the new year, and your health resolutions,  we have GOT to stop with the excuses! That will only hinder us in feeling bad about the choices we make and life is not waiting for anyone. LIFE is NOW. 

So if your excuses sound anything like this...

After the holidays…
After my vacation….
After the school break…
After Monday..

Next week…
Next Monday
Next paycheck…
Next birthday…


The hardest part in succeeding is STARTING. So lets STOP saying next and after and just START!

Give yourself the gift of HEALTH and come join us for our January Bootcamp! We kick off on January 11th! You will have access to daily 30 minute workouts, a nutrition plan with portion control, a dense nutritious daily shake that will support and jumpstart your body into cleansing all those toxins from your body! You will have access to recipes, and daily motivation and support surrounded my others just like you. Others who want to make a CHANGE and want success to the very best YOU.

YOU deserve it; Life is NOW, its not after the weekend or next Monday.
So let’s START succeeding together.

I can’t wait to start helping you succeed! e-mail: or leave your email below and I will send you more details!


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