A twist on Tacos

Any of you who know me; know I LOVE tacos' and I tend to eat them more times a week than just Tuesday. I dont know if it is the simplicity of them or what but I just love Tacos.

As many of you know I also have started a new health journey for the past 8 months so clean eating is kinda my jam at the moment. I found this recipe months ago and it seemed more of a dish to make in the summer. However it has been RAINING, (not SNOWING!) the past two days, which led to my decision to make these bad boy Taco Hay-Stacks!

Mine clearly didn't look remotely like the picture you will see here, but OH MY WORD.


And I have to say I did not have mango's but I did use Mango salsa and it was very very good.
I also didn't use ground turkey.
I used our homegrown, lean ground beef!

Told ya it didn't look as elegant; but it sure tasted it!

Who else is crazy for Tacos?!

Happy Weekend!

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