Meal Planning

AHHH Meal Planning!

It's is almost as bad as a Sunday night; knowing your weekend has come to a close and its time for Monday, and you gotta be ready to hit the ground running.

Meal planning was something I NEVER even thought about before; well that is a lie; I always planned for my lunches to bring to work (aka something I could inhale in a mere 5-10minutes) School teachers raise your hands if you know what I"m talkin' about.

But I honestly can't remember far enough back to remember a time where I actually sat down on Saturday or Sunday and wrote out what all of my snacks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and workouts were going to be for the week. Before I had my son, I always ate alone; my husband works nights, so I guess I never thought that I had be prepared or had to have a plan. The majority of the time I would end up eating crackers and cheese, and maybe some carrots or I would get crazy and cook a vegetable. (And I called myself HEALTHY!)

Clearly AFTER I had my son I realized how important meal planning was. Not only is it vital to saving your sanity come mid afternoon with kids but how important it is for your KIDS to have a healthy meal at their finger-tips.

You know that moment when four o'clock rolls around and you are like oh man; I still gotta do the dinner, clean up, bathtime, bed thing? Well having a PLAN is essential in those exact tender moments. Because that means you can spend an extra 10 minutes playing with your kiddos outside, or an extra 10 minutes laying on the floor building block towers with your 10 month old who gets sheer joy from knocking them down over and over and over again.

Or maybe you just like a few extra minutes to snuggle your babies on your lap; whatever it may be who would have thunk that Meal Planning had such a domino effect on how your afternoon would go.

So as difficult and tedious it is at first to sit down and make a plan, then get groceries according to your plan I PROMISE you it doesn't just get easier, YOU get BETTER. :)

Get out there and meal plan mommas!

What is your favorite weekly recipe(s)
to make for the family?!

Soups are my go too; SO easy to reheat and you can add so many veggies at once.


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