I got them blues..

Oh MAN! is it a Monday in the worst way or what!?!

I don't know if its my age or the weather or the fact I am now a Mom, but honestly this time change thing has really not been fun to say the least!

I just feel exhausted! My son was up bright and early Sunday morning; he usually wakes up about 5:30 or so, well he was up at 4:30! So I think I lost some sleep instead of gaining an hour like everyone says! I literally rolled over and was like ....dude...P-U-H-L-E-A-S-E.. go back to bed!! I let him talk and babble to himself for about 35 minutes before I was like OK, fine I'm up I'm up I'm up...give this momma some coffee...stat! 

And it was the LONGEST day ever...it just dragged!! The positive though; always have to find the positive right! was that he was in bed napping by 7:15, which gave me quiet time to do 30 minutes of yoga and shower before we got off to church! I usually end up being so rushed and annoyed on Sundays that I skip the yoga altogether...I know its SO WRONG of me.

After yesterday I recommitted to getting it done every week. My body feels a bit sore from it but it feels nice and stretched out too!

And last night...HA, I couldn't fall asleep for the LIFE of me; and I know it was all the candy I ate; my husband came home with leftover Halloween candy from his work...just what I needed around. and yup I ate 4 small candy bars and instantly regretted it as I felt sick to my stomach. The positive to that is I know why I don't eat so much anymore; but the down side is that I have yet to handle those cravings; those temptations. If its in the house; I have to eat it! Anyone else with me on that one?!

I really have been trying; SO hard; SO hard, clearly I need to dig a little deeper and have a one to one with God because my cravings still get the best of me at times. I guess we are all human though; and it is something I am working on.

I am reading Made To Crave for a second time; listening to it on Audio actually and it is just THAT good; so heres to hoping it continues to help me as we enter the holiday season!

On that note; despite my baggy eyes; and lack of sleep yesterday I dragged myself out of bed and pushed play! I did it by golly I did it!

Have any of you read Made to Crave yet?!!


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