I am thankful for my HEALTH!

As this year comes to a winding end I could not be more thankful for my health. 

In the past year I have gone through pregnancy, gave birth, and began a new lifestyle of eating healthy and truly fueling my body in a way I never have done before. 

We are given ONE life to live and we should be happy and feeling good about ourselves throughout. It is SO short not too!

So as Thanksgiving approaches, I realized that YES there will be tempting foods, but I have learned the gift of BALANCE. No more stuffing myself full of food and feeling so bloated, cranky after. I continue to workout and push play. So here me out and NO excuses during this holiday week! 
That's the thing about a healthy lifestyle; you do daily what makes you feel good, what your body appreciates! You can still enjoy the holidays and the foods of the season without feeling sluggish, tired AND being able to zip up those favorite jeans!

I realize it may seem odd to begin a new health and fitness routine now; but tomorrow is Thanksgiving; and then its over. We still have 34 more days until CHRISTMAS. Thats 34 ENTIRE days to do a complete fitness program and be 5lbs LIGHTER going into Christmas, rather than being 5lbs HEAVIER. 

The choice is yours; but we would LOVE to have you join us! YOU deserve it!
And because of that I'm opening 3 more slots in my online Bootcamp starting next week! 
 Enjoy the holidays in style! Message me for details! Or send me an email positivevibefitness@gmail.com


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