Healthy Holidays and Beyond!

Hmmm...what looks good in here?! Somehow my son managed to plop himself right in front of the fridge while my husband was attempting to get some food out for dinner; A little reminder that these little eyes are ALWAYS watching!! And I need to make sure my fridge is full of wholesome nutritious foods this time of year; which can be a challenge!

Now that Halloween has come and gone and NOVEMBER is HERE, it means Thanksgiving is around the corner; which means Christmas is approaching and then New Years! Holiday season has arrived, ready or not!

What IF you could attend all your holiday parties feeling your absolute best? What if you could enjoy the incredible food of the season without feeling like you need to live in your sweats? What if you could enter the New Year and already be halfway to your weight-loss goal?

My personal goal for this season: I want to focus on feeling GREAT through the most wonderful time of the year! I’m teaming up with some close friends and hosting a “Healthy Holidays & Beyond” online boot camp that will help you feel strong and confident as you get ready to see friends and family in the coming weeks!

The BEST part?! You don’t HAVE to give up all the good treats that you’re looking forward too. I want to eat my pie and enjoy it! I also know that I can stay committed to my workouts and wholesome foods! We will show you how to make healthier choices without giving up the foods you love. We are going to help you say no to the okay things and YES to the best things!

This month, the 21 Day Fix is on sale. Give yourself the gift of health. You deserve to feel your very best and we would LOVE to help you get there! Sign up this month and join us for a 3 month adventure to health! Like or comment below or email me at for more details!


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