Beet Soup!

All summer I was on the hunt for a decent recipe for Beet Soup; because I literally had beets coming out of my ears! And seeing as I picked the LAST bunch of them about 2.5 weeks ago and had them in my fridge I decided it was time to experiment with them.  I like quick and easy soups to be honest and this soup was exactly that:

Obviously It doesn't look as lovely as it did in the picture of the recipe but I also left it a little bit on the chunky side; I like chunks in my soup; just a personal thing!

Here is the recipe that I used:

I didn't have sour cream nor the sliced almonds but I did however use some hummus to put in it and I thought it was the perfect touch!

Happy Weekend ya'll; If I'm absent for a bit these next few weeks it is because we will be MOVING! FINALLY!!! And I"m not sure of the internet connection yet and I'll be battling lots and lots o' boxes!

Do you like beets?!

How do you cook with them?


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