Stuffed Taco Squash!

OKay so THIS:
was AMAZING. I got the idea from another Momma in a group I'm in so I had to share the wealth!

I called it Stuffed Taco Squash, and you honestly can add the ingredients you like; as I kinda threw in what I wanted. What you need;

Acorn Squash (or squash of your choosing)
Black beans that have been soaked in taco seasoning, I didn't let mine sit long as I ran out of time but If I had I now the flavor would have been stronger!

Cut squash in half, clean out seeds, place beans in center of squash put in slow cooker on High for 2 hours.

Then add tomatoes or salsa, and onions and cook on low for 1 hour.

Once that was done I added shredded cheese to the top and put the cover on so that it would get all nice and melty; take the squash out and there you have it! A delicious taco bowl!

And of course you can add anything else you  might like, Avocado, sour cream; I just choose plain cheese and kept it too my one blue container for the day;

For all you 21 Day Fixers it would be
2 Green
1 Yellow
1 Blue (depending on your toppings)

Happy Taco Tuesday Friends!

Who else is having Taco's today?!

*You could always sub out the black beans for ground turkey or hamburg also, the options are really endless!


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