Sometimes you JUST don't feel like cooking...

So I have to admit; there are days I JUST don't want to cook dinner; and when I am really lazy about it I will have nothing in the fridge or prepped and its even worse! I have to say since my 8 month old has been eating regular foods and eats like he is STARVING all the time I am better at making more exciting dinners because its not just me eating them. Seeing as my husband is a chef and works late night hours he is never able to join us for dinner, except for his days off.

We are also in the midst of packing up our apartment, going through EVERYTHING, organizing, and getting rid of anything and everything we haven't used these past two years. And that includes all the canned items in the pantry. I know it is always good to keep a back up of stuff, but it is always good to use that back up eventually so I've been doing just that so we will have less stuff to truck around. Seeing as we are downsizing for the time being we are really focusing on getting rid of things we don't need. Luckily we are both frugal people and don't have much to being with (compared to others I think?!).

So sorry about that rant back to what I was saying...we happen to have had a mad stash of Tuna hiding in the cabinet so I started eating it but plain old Tuna gets old after a while. I looked online for a Tuna Cake recipe and found this:

I have to say it was extremely easy, and they made great leftovers hot or cold. For one who does not own a microwave I tend to eat the majority of my left overs cold; unless its soup!

Anyhow mine did not look as pretty as the picture on the original recipe but they were tasty and just the difference I needed.

So if you happen to have a bunch of Tuna hanging around; I urge you too try these! And the fact that they are 21 Day Fix worthy is even better! P.S. I subbed the mayo for plain greek yogurt!

Peace love and smiles peeps,

Let me know if you try it!

Any other good Tuna recipes out there?!

Tuna Cakes and roasted frozen I said I'm cleaning house!


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