Officially slacking over here....

Alright I"m going to admit it; and I feel slightly guilty about it; the last time I ran was the Island Vines 10k!!! AHH Like how did that even happen; first of all I seriously thought that race was just last weekend; come to find out it has actually been TWO WEEKS! Yikes! How that happened I honestly do not know.

So yes; I the Mizunos have taken a hiatus, along with my feet and I'm not sure why. The race was freaken fabulous and I felt like magic through the entire thing but since then its just been OH, I should go run right now...actually nah, I'd rather pop a workout DVD in the computer and do that instead.

Help me get my mojo back PLEASE! There is a 5K pumpkin race in  the next town over tomorrow so changes are I might head over to that. The timing is just not the greatest (9:30 aka nap time) but I really should just DO it! And seeing as my husband works mad crazy hours I have no one to watch the wee man while I run solo.

Anyone else have this problem? I feel it might be the combination of the weather and the fact that I have bundle up the wee man and sometimes that is more of a pain than most. By the time we are both ready 15 minutes has passed and I could be well underway with a workout.

Anyhow; this week has just been kinda Blah; The hubs has been working some SERIOUS mad hours and I legit have not seen him since Wednesday. I don't know how he does it, he has had to tackle some late night closings which he normally doesn't do but on top of working doubles, hes pretty much toast. This morning he told me he is just doing the motions to get through today....and I hate that! I want to go help him if I could! I have felt sad and lonely and I know I shouldn't but feelings are feeling and I can't deny it.

We did get to the orchard on Wednesday morning before he headed into work though; and the pictures will pretty much sum it up on their own:

My favorite two men EVER! I love them!

The above photo is PRICELESS. Absolutely PRICELESS and everytime I look at it I just swell up with joy to the fact I was chosen to be this handsome boys Momma. I can't handle it!

So I leave you with this-------------------------->>

If you haven't gone Apple Picking; you probably should!
I've made one batch of Applesauce and Apple crisp aleady!

Cheers to fresh apples!

Peace love and smiles;

How do you like your apples?!


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