In the midst of Chaos...

As I put my son down to sleep for the night; I can't help but leaving the room thinking "I've waited the past two hours for this moment!"

As I walk into the living room I hear 'crunchhhh" under my slipper; a cheerio that was lost in the lassoing of a 9 month old who enjoys flinging them around in attempts that he will find them again to nibble on. And I think yet again I will have to sweep before the day is done.

I have honestly lost count of the number of sweeps I've done for the day; between the cheerios, the meal crumbs and the potted dirt that Vito likes to dump from our potted Ficus Tree. I just want to throw that thing out the window sometimes!

As I continue on I now realize I have laundry strewn across the room after being folded, un-folded and folded again, blocks that have made there way under the couch, and dishes so high in the sink the thought of even attempting to find my dish rag under it is enough to make me call it quits.

I feel shriveled up and dry. Like a leave that was once red and beaming; I am now crunched and scattered all over the ground. I don't want to sweep again. I don't want to wash the dishes, AGAIN. I don't want to fold the clothes AGAIN. And sweeping! HA! Forget it!!

As I itch my shoulder, I feel a wet patch and look over smiling to myself,  just drool! Ha! If I knew what other crud was caked onto me..ugh, just that thought makes me cringe. As my hand is leaving the drool my forearm grazes over a hot spot on my chest. The spot where my son was just resting his head, in the midst of sucking his thumb. A boy who was nestled up on his momma after a day filled with love, growth and wonder.

You see he doesn't care that there are cheerios all over the floor, because tomorrow it will be more for him to search for. He doesn't care that there are clothes on the floor or if they are unfolded. He watched with wonder how his momma folded them, and re folded so many times that he had to keep knocking the pile over to the ground. He doesn't care about the meal crumbs strewn across the floor, all he knows is that he was able to have dinner with his momma and send her coos of affection while smacking his lips in delight. Oh and that ficus tree; yeah he enjoys the feel of the dirt so much that he has to sample the dirt every now and then; just make sure the stuff is real...

And now as I sit here typing all this out; I can't help but smile with a sense of joy.
Because LIFE is NOW. I was choosen for this journey of motherhood. The journey that involves multiple sweeps in a day, crunched cheerios and never ending laundry.  No one ever said it would be easy. No one ever said we would enjoy each moment.

But what I DO know is that these moments, yeah, these moments are forever etched into my heart.

To all you Momma's out there; your little ones are SO blessed to have you in their life.
Know that you are not alone in this journey.
Embrace the mess, Embrace the Chaos and Embrace the NOW.

Happy weekend everyone!

Peace love and smiles,


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