Calling All Mommas!!!


So we have some BIG NEWS over here in the Beachbody world!

After much demand, Autumn Calabrese, the creator of the 21 Day Fix phenomenon has just released a MATERNITY series on Beachbody on Demand!! How awesome is that??!!

The workouts target each TRIMESTER so they are tailored to our growing bellies.
The program also includes post-baby workouts to keep Moms feeling their absolute best throughout their entire pregnancy journey. As a mother, we SO deserve to feel our best; I mean we do create and grow a life, that is something that should not be taken lightly!
We need to be feeling our best so that when baby arrives we have the energy and strength to provide and give nourishment to that little life!!

I SO wish these had been around when I was pregnant with Vito; I remember scouring the internet daily for a workout that would accomdate my growing belly. There were so many out there though and how was I to trust some random person on YouTube if these exercises were legit or not?!

At least I know Autumn is trained and knows what she is doing; plus after doing her 21 Day Fix program and getting results so quickly I KNOW that these workouts will be amazing!!

Any Mommas out there want more details leave your email below or message me!! 📩
Cheers to healthy Mommas and Babies!

YOU deserve to BE YOUR BEST for YOU and your BABY! :)

Peace love and smiles!


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