And just like that...

And just like that; my running funk ended!

Well for a day anyhow! I have not run since the Island Vines 10k and I can't tell you why not. I just haven't; Im not sure if it was the change in weather or what but I wasn't feeling the vibe.

Yesterday morning after doing the dishes I went down the hall to see what my son had gotten into and he left me with this:
 So obviously he was trying to tell me that I needed to get my butt out there and just do it; and who knows maybe he was missing the running vibes too. I  mean clearly he enjoys the strolls as much as I do, if not more. AS it was POURING rain and extremely cold yesterday I told myself if its not raining tomorrow(today) its time to go.

So this morning I woke up (my son is an excellent alarm clock; every morning at 6am hes ready to rock) and looked out the window, there was a thik layer of frost on the ground and windshield of the car but the the sky looked clear and I knew the sun would be shinning soon enough.

We did our morning routine of nursing, breakfast, change, clean up etc. Checked the weather, it was a whopping 30 degrees! I dug out my spandex pants and thicker running socks (again Vito is such a helper when it comes to this, he makes sure to inspect each piece of clothing from my running drawer by taking it out, swinging it a few times, taking a few chews of it, and adding some drool before plopping it to the floor to test another). I LOVE you son. As annoyed as I get I know you are just learning and your brains synapses are firing millions of time in a minute. So I will let you learn by doing your thang.

Anyhow, after I got myself dressed up, I bundled V in his new fleece snowsuit (BEST $7 purchase I've ever made from the used clothing store FYI) gave him his pacifier (insert nap time approaching and two front teeth that are just taking their sweet time) and bundled him with a blanket and off we went clunking down my apartment stairs.

The cool air hit my face and I took a deep breath to fill my lungs with an icy cool breath and let it out as the steam evaporated in front of my face. Ahhhhhhh LIFE IS GREAT; The sound of the wind blowing, the crunching leaves under my feet and the cool air hitting my cheeks as I ran brought me back to life.

And 3.1 miles later I thanked my son for pulling my running shoes out on the floor and told him hes the best thing thats ever happened to his mommy. Even if she isn't running marathons or running her 7.30 pace anymore. He makes it worth it. Every step of the way.

Run on my friends!

Are you in a running funk?!

Lace up those Mizunos and just GO; I promise you'll be happy you did!!


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