Tomato Season!


It is that time of year; the time of year everyone is patiently (aka not patiently) waiting for.

Tomato Season. The time in August/September when the Tomatoes are FINALLY juicy, red and plump on the vine just waiting to be harvested and squished in someones mouth.

I mean look at these lovely things! Don't they just scream EAT ME! 

And of course there is always too much of a good thing! Because you end up having them come out of your ears. I've already made two batches of sauce and put it in the freezer for the cooler winter months. I really DISLIKE waste and will harvest everything and but it all to good use the best I can.  I have had to compost a few due to rotting or getting squished at the bottom of the bucket!

But that was/has been hard work caring for a garden. And that is one of the reasons I LOVE it. I LOVE planing my own food, knowing EXACTLY where it came from; how fresh it is and knowing that it was not sprayed with a bunch of pesticides or genetically modified in some lab somewhere. 

I really believe in the power of growing your own food. If you can't grow it buy it locally; support the local farmer. Support your neighbor the school kids living down the street who may have a garden. Anything. Anything that is in its most natural element is what is BEST for your body! It took me long enough to figure that out...;)

One day my DREAM is too live totally off our land! Now wouldn't that be such a treat! 

For now; I'll enjoy what I do have; 

Cucumber and Tomato Salad; easy and SO DELISH!

How are you eating your tomatoes?

Do you can them or freeze them for the winter?

As always, positive vibes...peace love and smiles! 


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