Teething is a b**ch


I know this is a place for positive vibes only but my little guy has been cutting his top two teeth and HOLY MOLY Ive been having to dig really deep to ask for grace to get through the last few days. I have wanted to post about my new blog name all week but I have not had two seconds to sit down and talk about it.

Vito literally didn't nap at all yesterday, he cried/whined most of the day, something that he honestly rarely does so I do feel very blessed he is not that crabby all the time. Last night was INTENSE; from about 4;30-7 he cried/screamed on and off; much of it was because he was overtired I know but I just felt so bad and became so frustrated. I ended up just nursing him over and over again because I he wouldn't quiet down any other way!!

This morning he was up nice and early again (4am) he was all smiles for about two hours, I took him on a run and then it started all over again.

So for all you mommas out there dealing with this; know that you are not the only one!!!
It is SO INTENSE and might make you want to cry and scream yourself but know that God is with you so dig deep and ask for that Grace! This is all part of the lovely Motherhood journey and we all are SO blessed to be here no matter how bad it may seem. and the positive part; think of the RELIEF everyone will feel when those suckers finally break free!!!

Hang in there!

Positive Vibes your way!


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