Superfoods: Does a body good!!

Hey Ya'll!!

So since February I have been drinking a daily shake aka the 'Superfoods'. Since drinking it I seriously have not been able to go a day without it. And I know what you all are thinking; ' a shake, HA, this girl is whacked!"

Well let me tell you its not whacked and I was in your shoes not that long ago thinking the SAME thing.
BUT I gave it a try because I was tired of being tired and feeling like a big old blob!

So I thought I'd break down WHY I keep drinking this stuff; day after day, week after week. And the fact that it gets me through my day of being a teacher AND a mom; well that my friends is priceless!
(I also no longer take a multi-vitamin...Shakeology is my multi-vitamin and SO MUCH more)

For all you peeps out there who think Shakology is 'just another protein shake" here is what is in it!

SUPER-PROTEINS to help build muscle, improve skin and hair, reduce cravings, support mental clarity {chia,flax, quinoa, amaranth, pea, oat etc..}

SUPER-FRUIT/ANTIOXIDANTS that provide antioxidant support, promate a healthy heart & optimal blood pressure {goji berry, camu-camu, bilberry, green tea etc}

SUPER-GREEN/PHYTONUTRIENTS that help to alkalinize the body and promote detoxification for health and vitality {moringa, chlorella, spirulina, spinach & kale}

ADAPTOGEN BLEND helps to support the immune system, balance endocrine system and protect the body from stress {ginko, maca, mitake, tulsi etc.}

AND the PRE AND PROBIOTICS that aid in increase nutrient absorption, regularity & digestion

Not to mention the amount of VITAMINS & NUTRIENTS in ONE GLASS! And the best part; it Tastes like CHOCOLATE!!!!

So there you have it that is why I continue to make Shakology a PRIORITY in my life! it has helped not only ME but several of my family members and all of my challengers turn their lives and health around!

Boo-ya to that! :)
Not too mention they also have Vegan flavors!
And if you are a person who likes solid facts; not just reading it on a blog (as I am!) Here is a link to of all the ingredients:

Keep it real ya'll,

Peace, love and smiles :)


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