Made to Crave

This book...I can't even explain what an eye opener it has been for me!! Lysa is an amazing woman and author at the very least. 

>>>You need to eat to live, not live to eat. You need to fuel your "fire" with wholesome foods that God has put on this earth.
Having a "bad" day does not give you a free pass to eat whatever you want because doesn't that make us feel worse?
There is a deeper meaning behind those moments and it's in those moments you can build a stronger relationship with God, or whoever your higher power may be.

By telling yourself "no" you become a woman of self-discipline and you learn to live with obedience. Isn't that something we all want?! Obedience to filling our wants and needs with a higher power other than FOOD?! What our flesh desires is only temporary, what our heart desires is everlasting! 

These past months I am learning to put all these steps into motion and I'd love for you to walk with me on this journey!! If you want to learn self-discipline and how to eat the right amount foods to fuel your "fire"send me an e-mail! I have a new group of like minded women starting October 12th! E-mail me@

I can't wait for you too join us!


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