Fall in Fitness

Hey There!
Happy First day of Fall! 

Hard to believe it as it was pretty warm up in my neck of the woods; felt like another warm summer day without the humidity.  In honor of Fall my next challenge group is coming up!   Let’s not get in the mindset of hiding under bulky sweaters and baggy pants! Let us keep up with our healthy eating, mindful exercise with group support! 
I am looking for 5-10 women who want to participate in a low impact, high intensity total body workout program that will sculpt your muscles, use core-focused benefits of pilates and the flexibility of yoga to deliver strength, cardio and flexibility all-in-one.

This program includes:
*Low impact body weight exercise
*Flexibility and core strength
*Eating Plan
*Nutrient Dense Shake (your daily dose of vitamin & minerals)
*Modified version is available as needed!

I am looking for women who are SERIOUS about making a change in their nutrition and fitness. Or maybe you want to keep up with the the healthy habits you developed over the summer. This group will be specifically supporting women who need a low-impact program at home and need daily support. You will gain self-control, a leaner physique, and most of all a deeper connection to healthy foods and your spiritual self!

***This is also a WONDERFUL program for women who may have just had a baby recently; it is low impact and focuses on strengthening your core which is vital to do after a pregnancy. The sooner you are able to strengthen this area the stronger you will feel to carry around your new baby! 

To join please e-mail me at PositiveVibeFitness@beachbodycoach.com

We kick off on October 12th!


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