What are you using for a Jogger?!

SO because I have goals this month, and one of them being to run 3x a week now that things are bit less hectic I wanted to know what ya'll are using for a jogging stroller out there?!

I was so lucky to have saved enough money and with the support of the kind teachers I worked with who contributed to my card shower, I was able to buy a BOB stroller. I went with the BOB Revolution SE because it had the swivel wheel that could also be locked into position if need be.

I personally am SO darn glad I got the one I did. It has been nothing short of amazing for me and my son! First off my son seems very comfortable in it, he seriously just lays back all chill like he's on the ride of his life…The top canopy goes just low enough that he NEVER has the sun in his eyes no matter where it is in the sky.

It is also really great because it has the little pull up cover so you can check on your little on just by lifting back the top.  It has a bottom basket that will hold a few extra diapers, a blanket, a burp rag and of course water bottles for when you are running or just walking around town.

And it is just SO EASY to PUSH, its not heavy, and seriously just glides wherever.  I live in an apartment up a flight of about 30 stairs, so there is only one way to bring up the stroller if baby is in it an that is plunking it up stair by stair. It isn't easy in the sense, but the BOB is SO light that it certainly has made those trips easier  on my back and arms!

It also works great for strolls around the city; I think my favorite part of it is how easy it is to fold up! Yes it does take up a bit of room but if fits in the back of my Honda Accord like a dime. The quick swift two movements is all it takes to have it folded up. You can also very easily take of the two back tires to make it fit easier into any vehicle; seriously takes a second to pop them off and on again.

Overall, I LOVE my BOB Revolution and would highly  recommend it anyone else who isn't sure what to purchase. The price was a bit lofty but I purchased mine with a coupon and when it was on sale so I saved about $75.00.  It also is so WORTH every penny I spent on it;

The only challenge will be when the next one comes along!

*all opinions are my own.


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