For all you Momma's out there!

One of the best parts of my day while being a MOM is going in to get my son after his nap. He gives me those big smiles and that is something that cannot be replaced.
The days may be tiring but I LOVE being able to stay at home with my son. I would not change it for the world.

Some MOMs are different and I understand that, some enjoy going to work. Some choose to stay home. But some never had a CHOICE.
If I could change ONE thing it would be for MOTHERS to have a CHOICE. Choosing what is best for them and their family. 👪

I am on my way to making that happen. Luckily being in the Teacher World I get to enjoy my summers at home but in the Fall I will only be teaching part time. MY choice was to stay home with my son.
A few months ago I decided to partner with Beachbody. It shares my passion for health and fitness along with supporting and mentoring others.

We are coaches but we are SO much more than that! We are a community of women supporting and caring for one another. We want each other to succeed.
But what excites me the MOST is giving other MOMs the CHOICE! I'm confident that every mother who wants to stay home can make a significant income by joining my team. The opportunity is there. You must be willing to work hard, be dedicated and have a heart for helping others but the opportunity is yours.💫

If you want to have a CHOICE about how you spend your motherhood journey come join me. The opportunities are endless. Don't be afraid to reach out...This could be the blessing that God is putting into your life, I know it was mine! We want to help you succeed; Feel free to email me or find me on Facebook:


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