Come Follow Me & a few other randoms

Okay, as tech savy as I am (kidding) I am trying to dabble with Pinterest! Any support would be much appreciated.

I want to link my blog with my other social media accounts such as Instagram and Pinterest, but I don't know how to get those cute little buttons like the camera for IG onto my blog! (Told you I am totally without a doubt tech savy)

I can see how people can get lost in there though, so many exciting things that just keep leading you too other things!

So come find me! my name is KaitlinSpano on there and the same with my IG account.

Anyone have tips to help me out?!

And on a random note; my husband and I had a date night earlier this week...more to come on that in a later post, but just had to share! Love!

And this was my lunch; a FRESH TOMATO from my garden THE FIRST ONE; obviously it had to be inhaled in the only correct way....a Tomato Sandwich! I'm sure you all wanted to see that!

Keep it real y'all,

Positive Vibes...Peace.Love & Smiles!


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