Back to school, Back to school

'Tis the Season!!

Today's facebook and IG was blowing UP with everyone's back to school pictures. It is seriously INSANE to think the summer flew by that fast. It is even more insane to me that I actually wasn't AT or IN a school today...thats gotta be like the first time in uhhh lets see basically my entire life. I went to school, college, became a teacher, went to grad school, you get the picture; the First day of school has always been a bittersweet feeling for me.

My "first day of school" for this year 2015 consisted of me being home with my boy enjoying the day! We enjoyed a lovely family run to start our morning off, Daddy went to work and I have seriously been running ALL DAY LONG. Between getting the house back to par, moving plants around because some little creature has perfected his army crawl, going to the garden in fairfax picking ALL the veggies that I could find, helping my Dad get ready for a 'holiday' (more to come on that later), making dinner, washing the floor and now just finishing laundry that is heaped on the couch taunting me!

 'fold me, fold me, FOLD ME!' AHHHHH never! I shall leave you in a pile and let you wrinkle!

Okay anyhow; Lets just say I enjoyed my first day "back" only having to work two days a week this year still blows my mind. I STILL just can't believe that little old me is lucky enough to stay home with my boy, the majority of the time. Going to Graduate school has clearly paid off; and I honestly just cannot thank the Lord enough for all that he has continued to bless us with! Whoohoo to all you Early Childhood Special Educators rockin' the part time world!

"I will continue to seek YOU first, now today and always!'

Oh and p.s...even my dad asked me today; so when do you start school?
My smart ass answer, TODAY! :)

Life is good people!

Keep up the running, take time for YOU and just be THANKFUL. God has a plan for you and your life is  unfolding exactly the way it should! So give thanks!

Keep it real,

Peace. Love and Smiles :)


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