Back at it...

OK I admit; running hasn't been super great the past month; I think I was heading out the door about once a week.

Well seeing as it is a new Month; I've put some serious goals on paper. This month is gonna be a big one and I want to roll out with a bang! First off its my birthday month! whoohoo!
And secondly its AUGUST! Dang that happened so fast; and I want to enjoy every minute!

So one goal is for me to RUN. Just get out there and run 3-4x a week. No exceptions. Baby or no baby just do it.  I don't think I have run once ALONE since the boy was born and today I broke that record. He was up super early and went back down for a nap at like 7:30. Seeing as the hubs is off on Monday I was like yeah; see ya!

Let me tell you it was a struggle! Ugh! As soon as I left I felt awkward and weird; I think because I didn't have the baby. It took me a bit to adjust. Then I was like OK; this isn't that bad and by the way I feel like I'm FLYING, legit felt light as feather; which lasted about .2 seconds...then my boobs started feeling really heavy and awkward (thanks breasfeeding!). And then I tried to come up with every excuse in the book to just walk. BUT I told myself NO. Quitting was NOT an option.

If I wanted to run, I have to put in the time. I kept thinking back to a year or two ago, I could run 6, 7 miles no problem, 12 miles oh sure give me an hour and a half! And speed! Oh yea I could clock in on average 7:00-7:15 minute miles and I felt like a beast. Well today I seriously felt like I was running so fast, so fast; I looked down at my Strava App, yup about a 9:00 minute mile!

So discouraging, but at the same time I was like no; I have come SO far, I feel strong, my core is SO much stronger; seriously no more aching after a run since baby! and I just need to keep doing it consistently. That is the KEY to not only running better, but bettering yourself at anything. Consistency makes all the difference, even in those small almost insignificant moments.

SO in the end; I fought my brain long and hard but I perservered and finished the race.
Now to go sign up for some races so I have more motivaiton!

Whats a good fall race?!

Keep it real y'all.
Peace. Love. Smiles.


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