Vacation week!

Well sorry I've been MIA for the week but I really tried hard not to tune in too the internet!
Besides checking in with my challengers and posting my daily motivation for you all!

Which I have to say I am very thankful for my new habits that I've been forming the past 5 months. I certainly indulged in my fair share of SMORES, and not so healthy things such as chips and alcoholic beverages, but I'm nursing so I allowed myself ONE each night after the baby went to bed..So I'd say that's pretty darn good!

I always started my day off with a breakfast of two eggs and veggies, and my shake for a mid-morning/lunch meal. Then I would eat more veggies and protein for an afternoon snack; I had whatever for dinner but it always consisted of veggies, and protein! Just had a few too many carbs, but hey it happens!
Plus I DID workout every day!! Booyah!

So I'm here to share with you lots of pictures! Enjoy!

And this was the first vacation my husband and I took since our wedding/honeymoon 2 years ago that took place in his hometown in Italy. So it was nice to get away even it was just two towns over!

Drinking my ShakeO in a wine glass, totally classy; and my brother just had to make his presence

Daddy hanging with his baby boy

Cousinly niece and my brother Jake.

No words...ya'll can insert caption of your choosing!

Last year I ran his massive .5 hill while I was pregnant, this year I got to push the little guy!

Dad and Mom...35 years of marriage and counting; wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them!

Benny and Wils, Benny is the brother who ALWAYS gets hurt, this time he sliced his foot on a clam and sliced a chunk out of his finger; clearly hes a beast! Love ya Benny!

These are my brothers; yup all 5 of them! Hard to believe that 4 of them are my 'little' brothers; they make my life complete!

lily pads

Life is good. Kayaking with the hubs.

Dream Big.

Cutting the homegrown chicken, yup we grow all our own meat and its THE BEST.

Perfect way to start my morning...

We went for a little hike, looking for the caves of Metcalf Pond...maybe we will find them next time!

Me and the youngest bro playing some serious rounds of SPIT, is that not the best card game ever or what?!  

Hope everyone had a great week and has some time put away for family.
Time is Love people.

Keep it real,

Peace. Love. Smiles


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