summer, sunshine and Sunday Funday

What a great weekend we had up here in the Northeast!

Its so awesome to have sunshine and some HEAT. I know a lot of people may complain about the humidity and stuff but personally summer is just too dang short up here so I love it!!

Sweat stains and all, bring it on! Although living in a tiny apartment building 2 stories up makes for a very warm house; sometimes it can be annoying, but I am thankful we have AC in our bedroom so at least we sleep OK and tend to spend most of the days in there if we are home! HA.

Yesterday was family day, and my in laws are over from Italy so it was awesome being able to spend the day with them!

We hung out by the pool, relaxed watched the men drive the dirtbikes and 4-wheelers around, and V enjoyed the pool by sitting with me and putting his feet in the water.

I wasn't ready to bring him all the way in yet!

He is almost 6 months old, anyone else bring their baby swimming?!

Is the Chlorine okay if he ends up drinking some of the water?!

Happy MOnday!

Someone found his feet!!!!

Peace. Love. Smiles. Keep it real folks!


  1. He is adorable!! So fun to get to experience new things with your baby like swimming -Lexi

    1. Thanks Lexi! It is fun too see him doing all these things for the first time!


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