Smores and life on the water.

I haven't forgot about y'all,

I've been on the pond enjoying vacation with the family; I've been taking lots o' picture so share once we get back home tonight;

Just wanted to drop in and give ya heads up that I haven't fell off the face of the earth.

I've eaten way to many carbs,
I've had my fair share of smores,
I've indulged in some adult beverages after the baby has feel asleep,
I've kayaked multiple times a day.

But on the other hand I've worked out every day!
and Remembered to drink my shake, and my food choices haven't been as terrible as they were last year at this time!

We only live once!!!

See y'all soon!

Keep it real,

Peace, love and positive vibes.

Anyone else vacationing this week?!!


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