All you Stay at home Mommas!

For all you Momma's out there; you know when your little ones start cutting teeth it can be a bit overwhelming! Especially when it is 90 degrees out and your little one just wants to be held! But its a blessing all at the same time for it means more cuddles and time to spend with them!
I am so grateful that I took a chance on a company called Beachbody so that I CAN be home with my son. Beachbody is giving me the opportunity to stay at home with my child while making an income from home.

If you would like this chance too, please keep reading! Don't hesitate to reach out! I want to help you have the same opportunity that I did!

This picture is more than me comforting my son during his teething; it's me working towards a change in my families future. A future I took a chance on so that I could reduce my teaching hours so I CAN be the one to comfort my son.

As much as I love teaching and helping other children grow nothing can compare to raising and teaching your own child. Therefore having a business I can run from home allows me too do this and BE there for my son while contributing to our weekly income. 

As you moms know, there is NOTHING that compares to a mother-child relationship and I know many of you mommas out there feel that way too. So let me put this out there; I would LOVE to help you stay at home moms start earning an income or maybe you want to start earning a second income so you CAN become a stay at home mom.

I will be mentoring FIVE ladies who are willing to take a step towards their future and their freedom. FIVE ladies who want to spend more time with their children and be MOM for their children during those needed moments.

I am looking for FIVE women to mentor in my business! I will provide the training and the support! All you have to have is the desire to make it happen!

So I leave you with this thought, if you are serious about changing your future, enjoy helping others and want more for your family leave your email below. Or send me a message
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