A day of L.O.V.E

And just like that its my two year wedding anniversary!!!
This is a picture from our wedding album. I remember it like it was yesterday. Many of you on here probably don't know the story of how we met so I guess I'll enlighten you all!

It is pretty unique and totally goes with who we are as husband and wife!

So it was 2012, I was single, living with one of my brothers, finishing graduate school and working for a company that I was no longer enjoy. Politics were awful and I just didn't want to deal with it anymore. Seeing as in the Fall I would have too do my Graduate Intern I figured no better time to leave than now. My best friend was getting married in FL, and I thought I might as well really enjoy that vacation and not have too think about work! I put in my 2 week notice and never once looked back. I didn;t even have a job lined up; I knew something would work out. God always has a plan and I trusted in him.

Fast forward to the middle of July, Job search was in full swing, I ended working part time at local restaurant knowing that even with school I could work around my hours and make money. I also accepted a part time position at the local elementary school in town as a para, half day but also having it double as my intern.  Score right! I would at least get paid for some of it!

Oh I was also training for my second marathon at this time so free time was just not happening, but I was OK with that!

Well it was probably September, late September and one of the chefs at the restaurant, (his brother just happened to be the owner) started talking to me more and more and asked to take me out on several occasions. I totally brushed him off stating that I don't date, and dont have time.

Well he was persistent and we ended up becoming good friends and he would even join me runs. On one run I thought to myself, wow, could this really be the man I marry?!

In November he finally convinced me to come to house for a dinner. I told him as friends thats it and if he would just leave me alone after I would. So I went to his house for dinner, obviously it was amazing! We chatted about life and seemed to have a lot on common with our old school ways.

On November 10th, he asked to take me out for his birthday. He just wanted one drink that was it; and then he would take me back home.  I remember being at my parents house celebrating my brothers birthday and asking them what the heck I should do; I didn't want too! They of course said JUST GO. So I went and again chatting with him was so carefree relaxing. He brought me to a cute little hippy bar in Burlington, and while was grabbing me a beer, I happened to look up and it was in that moment that I KNEW in my heart this was the man God had picked for me. HE was it! and I couldn't help but get goosebumps all over! As he was bringing me home I told him if he wanted to keep hanging out he would have to meet my parents. Because I wasn't in this to play around. If he liked me he had to get the approval from the parents. He didn't bat an eye! I also told him he better make sure it was OK with his brother because I work for him and need the job! I wasn't going to put that at risk!

My parents loved him, my mom thought he was the most handsome man ever, and they both loved his cooking!  So low and behold a simple friendship quickly turned to love, a love I never thought would happen! We got engaged in May, not the traditional way. We were out kayaking and we both decided then and there that it was time. We didn't want to wait. I got my grandmothers ring for him to give me and that was that. We had tickets to fly to Italy in July to visit his parents; and we planned our wedding to happen there in 2.5 months. Yup, I planned a wedding in another country in 2.5 months and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! It was perfect!

My parents flew out, and two of my very good friends. It was one of the most amazing times of my life. I couldn't speak Italian very well but I got too yo see my husbands culture and some of the things he does all made more sense to me.  It was really awesome to see him in his element.

Well and here we are two years later, married with a 6 month old baby and life couldn't be better. We are trying to build a house and its stressful, so stressful but having him beside me makes it all worthwhile!

So that is my story in a nutshell.
oh and P.S we did have a celebration back here in the states for my side of the family and Carlo's side that do not live in Italy....it was wild to say the least. ;)

Heres to a lifetime of togetherness with God leading the way, and more babies to fill up our days!

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