Yoga does a body G O O D.

Yoga; Everyone needs more of it!

I used to be really good at having Sunday be my Yoga day; even when I was training for my marathons I would always make sure to get my stretch on because I knew it helped my muscles. Plus, it just felt SO amazing after!

During pregnancy; I actually did yoga the night my water broke! (Ha so if your trying to bring a little one out into the world give some Yoga a try)

Anyhow, lets talk about Now, since I had the baby I have been really terrible about keeping up with the weekly yoga thing. I didn't really start up again until I started working out and following the 21 Day Fix workouts and Sunday was, you guessed it Yoga day! Once I started getting back into that habit that, wowzers! And seriously for all you nursing Mom's out there, holy moly it is  ESSENTIAL.
Nursing makes you strain your neck and shoulders in weird ways even when you try not too.
Not only do you have more weight down there to carry around but having a little one pulling and tugging all the time takes a toll. 

 Since nursing I have felt so one sided, my right shoulder has felt so incredible tense and tight. It feels like my entire right side is higher than my left actually. Even my hip! (And I really should get adjusted professionally but something always comes up!)
Well after doing Yoga I feel such a difference in my body, and it really does make you feel more centered. I need to be more consistent with this on my rest days instead of just resting.

Because doing yoga is more restful and fulfilling than doing nothing at all!

So all you Momma's out there; lets keep each other on track; dedicate ONE day a week to Yoga, it doesn't have to be intense or long, 20-30 minutes will suffice, but just DO IT. We deserve it!



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