Summer is HERE!

Summer is HERE!

And how many of us are ready to rock the beach or pool?! 

I know I worked really hard these past few months so I can at least sport my bathing suit and not feel like I want to hide under a blanket.  I am still a little self conscious of my new post baby body but I have never felt stronger or more proud of what my body can do than right now!

I have really focused on muscle building and eating better, more veggies, less carbs kinda deal and it really has made a HUGE difference! I started this journey by joining an accountability group and man did it make a difference, when you are held accountable you really want to get things DONE.

I am hosting an accountability group starting July 13th, its a 30 day group where you will do the same 30 minute workouts I completed, and a simple summer friendly meal plan that can be incorporated into a busy summer schedule!  I only have 10 slots available so don't wait! They fill up fast! 

E-mail me for more info!

Let's be PROUD of our mommy bodies!! We grew life and shouldn't be hiding under a towel, lets shape up and rock those suits on the beach!

Power to the Mom!! No excuses!!


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