Oldies but Goodies

Over the weekend some of the girls I went to undergraduate college with had a small get together.  Nothing crazy and big but it has almost been TEN YEARS since then...ack can't believe I even wrote that! It was mostly all of the girls that lived in the same suit for about 3 years...also known as 2Cers. Yes we lived in suite 2C and that is what we called ourselves....

Anyhow It was a super long day in the car for me, 3 hours down, 3 hours back...but I am so glad I went!  It is funny how with some girls you can just pick right up where you left off and not feel that any time has passed. Besides the several marriages and babies that have come into our lives, (and fur babies!)

It was somewhat of an emotional ride down for  me.  Whenever I typically head down to NH it is because I am meeting up with my bestie Christie...well to be honest the last time I headed south was a year and a half ago for Christie's Funeral.  Let me tell you I had emotions I didn't think I would have! 

I started crying on several parts of the drive, thank goodness it was just me and the baby! HA!
But in a way it was healing.  I am not sure I have fully grieved the loss of her, or maybe that is just how you feel when you lose someone as close as Christie was too me. And tragically to say the least.

I guess you could say she was right there in the passenger seat with me sharing with me that life is going to be OK, to not sweat the small stuff, that life is way too short so enjoy it. Enjoy the ride, no matter what is thrown at us. Be thankful for all the good, the bad and the ugly.
IN the long run life IS a JOURNEY. There will be ups, downs, curves, breaks, and twists but the most important thing to remember is the attitude you present it with.

So on that note; I just have to say, Christie, I miss you so much and nothing will make that go away, but Thanks for being the awesome person you are and I'm so glad we found each other on this journey. Thanks for keeping me and my baby safe on the road, and thanks for changing my attitude towards life.

You're a saint. Love you BFF. We all missed you! (but I missed you more ;)

May you have positive thoughts, positive vibes, and a positive attitude.

What are you thankful for?!

Keep it real friends.



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