Happy National Running Day

Happy National Running Day!

Anyone that knows me knows I love to run; its my thing. However since having my baby I've really focused on whole body muscle building exercise because after the baby it seriously was non-existent. Even though I lifted weights at least 3x a week it still disappeared! Hormones are a funny thing and women's bodies are seriously something amazing. To be able to go from growing a baby, giving birth and then back to normal (mostly) is just astonishing. Seriously.

I started doing the 21 Day Fix to build my muscle back; it not only built my muscle, it made me stronger, taught me to eat to fuel my body and gave me confidence I never had before. It showed me HOW to eat, WHAT to eat, and HOW MUCH to eat which was a serious issue for  me I came to find out! By doing this though I have seen such a difference in my running.  Even pushing the stroller with baby boy I feel faster and stronger than I have been in a WHILE.

I just feel so blessed to have found this program and the Beachbody community. For something that I thought was a scam at first, truly has turned out to be on the best things that has ever happened to me. Not only am I building my self-confidence I get to help other women build that same confidence in their lives.

If you just had a baby, or if you just want to feel confident in your own skin again please reach out and ask me! I'd love to help you! Life is too short to be spending it uncomfortable or unhappy.

Happy Hump Day friends!


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