Whats for Breakfast!

OK so I"m gonna be real on this one, I hear way way to many people tell me they don't eat breakfast or they don't have time to eat it in the morning. Trust me I totally get you on the time situation, but HOW CAN YOU NOT EAT BREAKFAST?!!!
I legit will be starving an hour or so after I wake up and if I don't fill that belly with good nutritious foods, WATCH OUT. I turn into a serious grumpy pants and no one wants to be around me (my husband can vouch on that one!)
PLUS, breakfast seriously is the most important meal of the day people!
I therefore make it a PRIORITY to eat breakfast and always have, I guess I owe that to my Mother who always made us get something for breakfast after waking up.  Thanks Ma for instilling that into my brain!
I won't lie and if I could have eggs every morning I would, but no busy working momma got time for that my friends. So Oatmeal it is! I am a creature of habit and eat the same thing every morning that I go to work. And its as easy as pouring  3/4 cup of oatmeal or 1/4 cup steel cut oats into a glass jar, pouring water over them the night before and popping it into the fridge overnight.
That morning before I head out the door I take it out, dash it with some cinnamon and  pop a cup of fruit of my liking (whatever I have around really) into it and BAM, instant breakfast to be eating in my car while driving to work. No time wasted. It seriously takes a mere 30 seconds to un-peel a banana, cut up a pear or throw in some berries.  And you have your day started out right in no time at all!  I usually eat my oatmeal with a side of hardboiled egg that is already peeled ready to go in the fridge.
Its all about that prep my friends, all about that prep. HA.
And on Sunday's I LOVE to enjoy my eggs or my pancakes! Recipe can be found here:


So do yourself a favor and eat some breakfast will ya! Your body will thank you!

Are you a breakfast person?!
What else is quick and easy?!!


A few of my favorite things

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