Taking care of YOU

The end of this week was a little rough for me! I felt depressed and down in the slumps!  It is really hitting home that I only have ONE week left of my maternity leave. AHHHH I seriously just can't handle it!  I know I should not complain because I am so so blessed to be able to be home with my son these past 12 weeks, but HONESTLY the thought of leaving him ALL day has made m cry everytime I think about it...

Of course I really try to be a positive person and ALWAYS look on the bright side, so here are some ups, 1. He gets to stay with his Dad and his Meme while I'm at work, no day-care!
        2. I am a school teacher and there are ONLY 5 weeks of school left before summer vacation;
         3. 5 weeks means 25 days!

So of course that really is not long at all so I am very blessed on that aspect.  I am just freaking out! I am just so in love with being a Mother that is hard for me to even think about switching gears and getting back into teacher mode.  I honestly don't know how I am going to do it! HELP!

Luckily my husband has been very supportive of my random bursting into tears moments and on Wednesday I went out with a friend, (baby-less) to get a nice fresh haircut and some groceries, HA, obviously! (Which, P.S. went to Trader Joe's for the first time...Amazing. Best new store in the area for sure!)  Anyhow, yes I went to get a hair cut because had literally been almost a year since I cut it last and it was way overdue.

Here I am rambling and the while point of this post was to take care of YOU. You might be a super busy super Mom either staying at home with your littles or working full time AND taking care of your littles.
But the honest truth is; WE deserve to go to the salon and spend a whopping $25 dollars on a hair cute if we need too. Because in the end, what it comes down too is that if WE feel good, chances are our husbands are feeling good and so is the rest of the family.
We moms are the bomb. So don't be afraid to be a Bombshell. Boom. Feel like a million Bucks. YOU deserve it. Period.

P.S. I cried a little less that day...
New Hair; Don't care, feeling like a million bucks!


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